About The Dark

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About The Dark

Post by Blazen on Thu Apr 02, 2015 1:09 am

The Dark

The Dark started in the very beginning before light came into existence. Being first makes it right. We do not need anything to show us the path that leads us away from the truth and the truth being that there is nothing scarier in the dark than us. Devouring anything and everything in our path that spreads the lie, the lie being the light that is trying to spread into every corner.

We have been amassing our armies knowing this clash is inevitable and always has been. We are told that The Dark is not powerful enough but i am here to tell you that it is. Always is. Always has been. Always will be. The Dark is where the true power lies as we are not inhibited by rules and false morals but by the fact that the strong will always survive no matter what or how.

If you are not with us then come into the shadows and get out of the light for we will cast The Dark over you to hide you until you are ready to fight back against the lie.

Troops are always here ready and eager to help wherever you need them. Work together to wipe out the light so everyone can return to The Dark.

Get ready to fight.


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